Centre for Eating disorders BEA is located in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

New book "Eating Disorders in a Capitalist Society: Super Woman or a Super Failure?"

New book „Eating Disorders in a Capitalist Society: Super Woman or a Super Failure“, by the author Ph.D. Jelene Balabanić Mavrović deals with the sociological perspective of eating disorders in today's modern world, and the influence of gender roles in shaping attitudes towards the body and food. The book was created on the basis of research conducted a few years ago with young women who had experience of eating disorders, and provides a unique insight into the intimate world of sufferers.

I am here too. Can you see me?

Did you know that eating disorders are serious mental disorders that affect 40 000 people in Croatia?
Did you know that about 10% that suffer from anorexia die from consequences related to eating disorder?
Did you know that anorexia has the highest mortality rate among all mental disorders?

Persons with eating disorder feel shame, guilt, anger. They feel invisible and isolated. Their voice is not heard. Their problems are not recognized. We at Center BEA are trying hard to change that.

Center BEA is available every day, throughout the year for people with eating disorders and their families. For many of them, Center BEA is a first step in recovery. At the same time, the hardest step.

After years of experience in working with eating disorders, in 2012. we founded Center for eating disorder BEA. Within our activities, we provide support for persons with eating disorders and their families, organise preventive programs and educate public through public health programs. Together with professional from Croatia, we participated in creating of Strategic Guidelines to Improve Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Croatia.

Unfortunately, we noticed there is increased need in our services. Althought there is a common belief that the people with the eating disorder are guilty for their difficulties, it is important to point out that eating disorders are a serious mental disorders that can leave a severe and lasting consequence, both physical and psychological.

We at BEA Center allow people to become visible, to hear their voice and to identify their problems. Although we work continuously since 2012, we still lack the adequate space to carry out our activities on a day-to-day basis and provide support to people suffering from eating disorders and their families.

That is why we are organizing a crowfunding campaign to gather the resources needed to equip space and work in a newly restored space.

You too can become part of our campaign:

- by purchasing perks
- by donating any amount
- sharing this campaign on social networks
- inviting your friends to join the campaign and donate any amount


United States of America

Monte Nido and affiliates

Residential treatment centers in California, Massachussetts, New York and Oregon

Website: http://www.montenido.com/

Monte Nido is a private organization specializing in eating disorder. Prof. Carolyn Costin opened the Monte Nido in 1996 as a result of 20 years of experience and clinical practice in the field of eating disorders. Most of the staff are specialists who had been recovered from eating disorders.


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