CASA-ZWO e.V Residential Groups

Where: Göttingen, Germany


Casa Zwo is a registered non-profit organisation that provides residential form of care for persons with eating disorders. Residential groups offer educational and therapeutic care for patients with eating disorders. Casa Zwo is a place where girls, aged 12-18 years receive support and treatment focused on normalization of attitude toward eating, stabilization of the relationships within the family, raising body awareness and improving attitude toward food and exercise. Following a successful stay in a residential group girls are monitored in their own apartments as outpatients. Support is provided in their work, education, leisure, socializing with friends, to help them cope in the interim period prior to independence.

The multidisciplinary team of proffesionals provide group and individual therapy for residents, as well as work with family members.

Interesting fact: In September, 2017 during the BSOE Week in Pula we met professionals from Casa-Zwo, as well as persons who experienced living in residential groups. Their experience and expertise showed us how team work, their constant learning, multidisciplinar approach and big heart can do much to recovery of eating disorders.